Ride’em Ski School

RIDE’EM’s passion for skiing and mountains comes first

Ride’em Ski School was born in the autumn of 2015 with the aim of creating a ski school

with a new philosophy, different from the usual schemes, which would meet as much as possible with client needs.

Ride’em Ski School is made up of a professional team of young instructors, with excellent knowledge of foreign languages and organizational skills that go well beyond teaching. Ski and Snowbord experts not just for work, but for passion, the same passion they will be able to pass on in every single lesson to learn, but specially to appreciate a sport that is, first and foremost, contact with nature.

Ride’em Ski School instructor is a real reference point for the total duration of the stay: he is a teacher and expert local guide.

Teaching in the various disciplines remains the same, but with much more attention to the needs of each individual customer.

The instructor can also advise on your technical purchases, the choice of restaurants; and in the case of bad weather or closed facilities, he will be able to propose alternative
solutions such as the choice of other locations or different activities.

Ride’em Ski School, a team for passion!

Our Team

Mara Pavone
Desk manager